tempo90 feat. Fracture (London – Astrophonica, Exit, Metalheadz) @ Villa Wuller

tempo90 – Drum┬┤n┬┤Bass in der villaWuller

Special Guest: Fracture
(London – Astrophonica, Exit Records, Metalheadz)

Resident DJs:
Myom, Breakslinger, Semuta, Benedor

Live Visuals! VJing

villaWuller, Trier…

Als Weihnachtsgeschenk an euch bringen wir einen Londoner DJ, Producer und Labelchef nach Trier, der in den letzten Jahren Drum┬┤n┬┤Bass musikalisch weiter nach vorne gebracht hat: FRACTURE! 2014 hattet ihr in der Villa schon mal so einen Spa├č miteinander, dass er ein v├Âllig wahnsinniges drei Stunden-Set hingelegt hat.

Unter dem Namen Fracture produziert Charlie Fieber bereits seit den fr├╝hen 2000ern Drum┬┤n┬┤Bass. Sein eigenes Label Astrophonica hat sich einen festen Platz in der Szene erarbeitet und einen eigenen Trademark-Sound definiert.

Sein zweites Zuhause ist das innovationstreibende Label der 2010er, dBridges Exit Records. Auch auf den ber├╝hmtesten Labels, wie Metalheadz, Hospital oder Full Cycle hat er ebenfalls ver├Âffentlicht.

In seinen stilsicheren DJ-Sets verbindet er seine Lust auf Neues mit Gesp├╝r f├╝r Rhythmen und Raum zwischen klassischer Jungle-├ästhetik und zeitgen├Âssischer Produktion. Mit Artists wie Om Unit oder Sam Binga verbinden Fracture koproduzierte Tracks und die gemeinsame Vision, Chicagoer Juke- und Footwork-Einfl├╝sse mit Drum┬┤n┬┤Bass und Jungle zu fusionieren.

F├╝r diesen Trend hatte Fracture mit ‚Get Busy‘ auf Exit den Pioniertrack kreiert. Ber├╝hmt-ber├╝chtigt sind seine euphorischen Vocaltracks, wie „Loving Touch“ oder die aktuelle „Cold & Rain“-EP. Er ist ein gefragter Remixer, ob von Digital & Spirits klassischem „Phantom Force“ oder f├╝r britische Pop Artist, wie Becky Hill.

Eingebettet wird Fractures Auftritt nat├╝rlich von wunderbaren Sets der tempo90-Residents Myom, Semuta, Breakslinger und Benedor.

Da die Kapazit├Ąten der Villa begrenzt sind und im Kalten rumstehen eher ungeil ist: Setz dich ├╝ber gast.tempo90.de auf die G├Ąsteliste und garantiere dir den Einlass bis 01.30 Uhr. Und du kommst sogar noch um 1 ÔéČ g├╝nstiger rein!

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Myom – Steppers & Rollers (Boom Tschak #20)


The mp3 download

The mix at Soundcloud

The mix at Mixcloud


This set is a dancefloor-oriented selection of what I liked to play in the club throughout 2017. Stylistically diverse and covering many subgenres, it┬┤s Drum┬┤n┬┤Bass at its finest, so just let it flow and take you places ­čÖé Expect hard steppers, heavy bangers, rolling breaks, euphoric anthems and also deep and atmospheric tunes.

In a recent online discussion about „the art of the mix“, Doc Scott agreed with my philosophy, that it is all about the effort you put into the selection, which two tracks you combine into a third and how you arrange the whole set. So with 40 tracks in 90 minutes, you can expect my typical long doubles, crazy switches and a little wizardry ­čśë Recorded live with Serato Scratch vinyl and the trustworthy Ecler 320.

01 Dub Phizix – (Right I know IÔÇÖm gonna get shedded this weekend so let me eat some) Spinach [Exit]
02 Enei – Wolfpack [Critical]
03 Break & Total Science – Betamax [Symmetry Recordings]
04 Zere – Drop Sound [DSCI4]
05 S.P.Y. – Soldiers [Hospital]
06 Dub Motion – It Can Hurt You [Dubz Audio]
07 Need For Mirrors – Hurts [Full Cycle]
08 Dimension – UK [MTA]
09 Kiril – No Fightin┬┤ [Critical]
10 QZB – Apollo [Critical]
11 Bungle – Cocooned [31 Recordings]
12 Nymfo & Phase – Beautiful Suicide feat. Sense MC [Dispatch]
13 Survival – Original Silencer 2017 [Dispatch]
14 Nucleus & Paradox – 12 Bits (Mako’s Breakout Rmx) [Metalheadz]
15 Serum – Phenomenon [Philly Blunt]
16 Total Science, Digital, Spirit – Rumble [C.I.A v Phantom Audio]
17 Need for Mirros – Puff N Stuff [Full Cycle]
18 Spirit – Think [Inneractive]
19 Scott Allen – Unite [Soul Deep Exclusives]
20 Muffler – Snowflakes [Unique Music Records]
21 Metrik – We Got It (S.P.Y. Remix) [Hospital]
22 Lewis James – Your Love Is A Power (feat. DanDansK) [Astrophonica]
23 Mikal – Musical Rush [Metalheadz]
24 Homemade Weapons – Ironhead [Samurai]
26 Serum – Redeemer [31 Recordings]
27 J Kenzo – Sykura [31 Recordings]
28 Serum, L-Side – World of Jungle Music feat. David Boomah [Philly Blunt]
29 Ulterior Motive – Inta National VIP [Metalheadz]
30 Alix Perez – The Raven [1985 Music]
31 Lynx – Bean Stash [Detail Recordings]
32 Digital – Crater Face [Function Records]
33 Dom & Roland – Through the Rays [Metalheadz]
34 Spirit – Interstate [Ingredients]
35 Bungle – Under Threshold [Dirty Hole Music]
36 Klute – Soul Boy [Commercial Suicide]
36 Digital – Sun Bites (feat. Villem) [Metalheadz]
37 Klute – Game Is Over (feat. Robert Manos) [Commercial Suicide]
38 LSB – Losing You [Soul:R]
39 Marc System – Dissolve [Exit]
40 Marcus Intalex – Refreshed [Soul:R]

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tempo90 feat. DJ G.I.D. @ Villa Wuller

tempo90 @ Villa Wuller!
DJs: DJ. G.I.D. (Groovalistic, Koblennz)
Myom, Semuta, Breakslinger

Samstag 8. Juli 2017 ab 23.55 Uhr
Villa Wuller, Trier

Bevor wir uns eine Sommerpause g├Ânnen, freuen wir uns auf DJ G.I.D. aus Koblenz. Mit seiner Groovalistic-Crew hat er dort seit den 90ern gro├čartige Partyreihen veranstaltet, einige Jahr den Floor f├╝r gebrochene Beats auf der Nature One ausgestaltet und reihenweise die renommiertesten Artists nach Deutschland geholt.

Heute wird er insbesondere f├╝r seine dubbigen Sounds gebucht. Seine Sets klettern auf Mixcloud immer schnell in den Genrecharts nach oben. F├╝r die Drum┬┤n┬┤Bass-Massive ist seine „Dub & Bass“-Serie die relevanteste. In der Villa wird er dicke Junglebeats ├╝ber ein massives Bassfundament rollen lassen.

Begleiten werden ihn die tempo90er Myom, Semuta und Breakslinger.

DJ G.I.D. auf Facebook

DJ G.I.D. auf Mixcloud

1. Juli 2017 | Events, tempo90-Events |

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Myom – Rhythm & Sound & Drum & Bass (Boom Tschak #19)


The mix at Soundcloud

The mix at Mixcloud

The MP3 Download

This mix is an 80+ minute exploration into the fusion of drum┬┤n┬┤bass with dub techno & dub. It┬┤s more of a deep flowing, laid-back affair at 170bpm to cool off to. Remedy yourself with a dose of sub bass and chill atmospheres. Listen closely to discover a rare facet of drum┬┤n┬┤bass music.

I try to follow a clear concept with all the mixes that I put out there and I┬┤ve done quite a few that explored the connection of dub and drum┬┤n┬┤bass. The common influence is obvious since jungle started using reggae basslines and dub production techniques 25 years ago, which spawned all sorts of obvious and less obvious connections.

But it is rare that dnb productions take an inspiration from what techno did with dub since the 90s. Probably timing was an issue too: Dub techno became unpopular just a little while before the explosion of dubstep became the major influence for dnb artists, who experimented with more minimalistic structures and room for sounds. As a result a certain flavour of halfstep and autonomic dnb became an interesting playground for innovation in the late 2000s, but it had little to do with dub techno.

So I searched for tracks at around 170 bpm that deliver a certain sound: Not too dark, negative or aggressive, but not too much reggae-warmth either, rather a digital cool. Tracks also had to shift their focus away from heavy beats to the dub elements but also not fall into the halftime dub area. So this mix sits somewhere in between the minimal dnb scene, that still uses typical dnb beats and the ambient scene that has abandoned beats completly.

I never was and probably never will be a big techno fan in general, which means I only listen to a very small fraction of what┬┤s out there, so my observations might be flawed. But I┬┤ve always liked the Berlin-centered dub techno scene around the Hard Wax store, producers Ernestus and von Oswald with their many aliases (Rhythm & Sound, Basic Channel…) and labels like Thinner and Scape. Today in drum┬┤n┬┤bass we have Samurai Music Group in Berlin, which incorporates influences of this particular sound in their releases, but mostly explores very dark atmospheres. A more fitting output between techno and dnb comes via the Hidden Hawaii label. Nordlabel, that is featured with tracks by Dissident, is also from Berlin.

In its entirety not all the 85 minutes are dub techno influenced, but most of it is and it all comes together nicely, I think. If you know any interesting dub techno-influenced tracks at 170 bpm that I missed, let me know!

01 Nether – Sunset Dub [Cylon]
02 Felix K – Flowers of Destruction #4 [Hidden Hawaii]
03 Dissident – H2Oil [Pinecone Moonshine]
04 DB 1 – Vanguard [Hidden Hawaii]
05 Dissident – Visible Spot [Nordlabel]
06 Nether – Glacial Dub [Space Cadets]
07 Martsman – Static [Hidden Hawaii]
08 Nether – Dimensional Space Jazz┬á [Deep Soul Music]
09 Overlook – Travelling Without Moving [UVB-76 Music]
10 Elemnt – Circle of Light #2 [Hidden Hawaii]
11 Dissident – Solvent 1 [Nordlabel]
12 Overlook – Clouds┬á [31 Recordings]
13 Pessimist – The Woods [Samurai]
14 Felix K – Flowers of Destruction #2 [Hidden Hawaii]
15 dBridge – Trinity Ville [Cylon]
16 Clarity – Fog [Samurai]
17 Dissident & Cyberworm – Octoplane [Delta 9]
18 Flxk1 / Wan 2 – A1 [Hidden Hawaii]
19 Theory – Babylon Dem (Dubmonger┬┤s The Drum Machine Museum Rmx) [Translation]
20 Dissident & Cyberworm – Tusk [Kos.Mos Music]
21 Loxy – Politicians [Soundium]
22 Calibre – Blackhole Dub [Signature]
23 Totally Unknown Artist – Tierdrub (Dominic Ridgway) [—]
24 Nether – Deep Echo [31 Records]
25 Dubmonger – Radiowaves [Dubmonger]
26 Morphy – Myrrh Dub [—]

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Binary Patina – Release Party

tempo90 @ Villa Wuller!
DJs: Myom, Semuta, Breakslinger, Benedor, Crocket

Samstag 13. Mai 2017 ab 23.55 Uhr
Villa Wuller, Trier

Im Mai wird zum Drum┬┤n┬┤Bass in der Villa etwas Besonderes gefeiert: Myom, Breakslinger und tempo90-Urgestein Flextronic mit Semuta an den Vocals ver├Âffentlichen am 12. Mai ihr Konzeptalbum ‚Binary Patina‘. 15 Tracks decken auf ├╝ber 70 Minuten verschiedene elektronische Genres ab, darunter nat├╝rlich auch Drum┬┤n┬┤Bass.

Die Musik entstand urpr├╝nglich zu zwei Gro├čfassadenprojektionen, die 2015 als Liveperformances aufgef├╝hrt wurden. Zur Party wird es einige der Visuals zu sehen und ausgew├Ąhlte Tracks des Albums zu h├Âren geben. Und: 50 G├Ąste bekommen einen MP3-Download des Albums geschenkt!

Wer nicht soviel Glück hat, findet es in allen üblichen Online-Stores (Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, etc.). Alle Info gibt es auf der Homepage  www.binarypatina.de.

An den Decks steht die ganze tempo90-Mannschaft und freut sich auf eine durchtanzte Fr├╝hlingsnacht!

30. April 2017 | Events, tempo90-Events |

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tempo90 @ Villla Wuller


tempo90 @ Villa Wuller!
DJs: Myom, Semuta, Breakslinger, Benedor, Crocket

Samstag 28. Januar 2017 ab 23.55 Uhr
Villa Wuller, Trier

OMG, tempo90 wird 16!

2. Januar 2017 | Events, tempo90-Events |

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Myom – There and Back Again. A Jungle Tale (Boom Tschak #18)


This is my goodbye mix to the summer of 2016 and inspired by the amazing time we had at Sun & Bass. It┬┤s Drum and Bass with one foot in the Jungle and atmospheric, positive vibes. A flow of history-ladden sounds, samples and breaks in their updated 2016-version. I compiled it quite spontaneously and I┬┤m still amazed, how it all just fell into place.

From 160 bpm it steadily builds up to 170 bpm and back again. It all starts in a deep dubby cave, where Crypticz & Itoa let their synths bubble from the ceiling. Then Dead Man┬┤s Chest┬┤s washed-out retro sounds flush you out into the open jungle, where Chimpo & Ticklish throw in some Funk & Hip-Hop samples for a good party vibe, before things steadily build up for an epic and heavy climax with Intalex┬┤ Jupiter. Soulful sounds by Total Science and Djrum calm it all down again and the tempo slows back down back to where it all began and everything ends with reminiscences of the 90s.


Der Mix auf Mixcloud

Der Mix auf Soundcloud

01 Crypticz & Itoa – MTD [31 Recordings] 2016
02 Dead Man┬┤s Chest – All About U [Ingredients] 2014
03 Sully – Flock [Astrophonica] 2015
04 Tehbis & Touchy Subject – 1988 [Astrophonica] 2016
05 Chimpo – Stanna Stairlift [Exit] 2016
06 Red Light – Coca Cola (Ticklish Reboot) [*] 2016
07 Nu Tone – Change [Hospital] 2015
08 Break – Late Exclusive [Symmetry Recordings] 2015
09 Fracture & Deft – I Just [Exit] 2016
10 Richie Brains – Voyage [Exit] 2016
11 Moresounds – Braaka T├Â├Âl├ [Lightless] 2016
12 Om Unit – Parallel [Metalheadz] 2014
13 Marcus Intalex – Jupiter [Soul:r] 2016
14 Total Science – Respect Due [CIA] 2016
15 Total Science – Soul For Sale [Metalheadz] 2016
16 Fracture – Black Pearl [Exit] 2016
17 Djrum – Sometimes I Share (Space Race, Pt. 3) [2nd Drop] 2016
18 DRS – The View ft. LSB & Tyler Daley [Soul:r] 2015
19 Sully – Crystal Cuts [Astrophonica] 2015
20 Dead Man┬┤s Chest – Farseer [Ingredients] 2016
21 Dead Man┬┤s Chest – Liquid 94 [Ingredients] 2015

1. Oktober 2016 | Boom Tschak-Podcast, Myoms Mixes, Podcast |

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