Binary Patina 2 – The Live Performance


Here is an (almost complete) version from the live performances of our ‘Binary Patina’ project at Irminenfreihof Trier from 23rd and 24th October 2015 (buy the album on Bandcamp).

‘Binary Patina’ was the title of a series of two audiovisual live-performances that were staged as facade projections of over 800 square meters in size. For the second installment of ‘Binary Patina’, the at the time unused former Prosecutor’s office of Trier, Germany, was used as the canvas for a dynamic pictorial layer that addressed the threat of global surveillance in the digital age: Audio-visual samples of contemporary discourse, historical data on US drone strikes from the Dronestream API (banned by Apple), excerpts from the Snowden leaks, maps and 3d-renderings of NSA´s Dagger Complex near Frankfurt and GCHQ headquarters in the UK, partially obscured beyond recognition, were synthesized with the music and real-time-generated visuals.

Unfortunately it is extremely difficult and expensive to film projection mappings such as ours. So the video does not recreate the live experience at all, but gives an impression about what we did. If you like the album, it might also be interesting to listen to some earlier version from some of the tracks.

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