Myom @ Jungle Session Cologne

Jungle-Session Cologne crew meets Takuyard Soundsystem on 2 Floors

100% Reggae ♥ Dancehall ♥ Positiv Vibes!
100% Dubwise DnB ♥ Jungle ♥ Raggatek ♥ Positiv Vibes!

Booyaka Booyaka jungle is massive!! ✶ Outdoor4Free!!

Them a call us pirates.
Them a call us illegal broadcasters
just because we play what the people want.
So them a call us pirates.
Them a call us illegal broadcasters.
regulatory office try stop us, but they can’t. 😉

One Love!


Jungle-Warriors (Main-Floor):

Myom (Acid Elephant Recordings / tempo90 / Boom Tschak Podcast) [Trier]

J. Retrosound (Cult of the Amen – NL) [Kleve]

Mr. Grünkern aka Greencore (beatsplantation) [Köln⁠⁠⁠⁠]

Junglist Raver b2b Count d. (Jungle-Session) [Köln]

Philo (Jungle-Session) [Köln]

Sonix b2b Syncope (Opus / 12 Zoll РDrum and Bass auf K̦lncampus) [Bonn / K̦ln]

Ropp Auff (S-E-K Bass) [Bonn]


Datum: Fr, 21. Juli 2017
Somewhere Outdoor Cologne
Beginn: 22 Uhr
Eintritt: frei!

You must be 18 and over ♥ 😉

Grünkern-Tower meets Junglist Raver-Tower meets Takuyard Soundsystem

Big up to all assistant.

Let the jungle music play!
no weapons allowed, only love!
Tell a friend!

Gegen Rassismus, Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Rechtsextremismus.

Info group:
Die Facebook-Veranstaltung steht auf „Privat“; wer noch nicht eingeladen ist und mehr infos haben will E-Mail an: oder via Whatsapp: +49 157 856 242 71

Supported by Fragdochmaldiemaus, Grünkern, Stagehand & Event-Kollektiv, Takuyard Soundsystem und Ropp Auff

Fotos & Videos by ah.arts / Trommel & Bass

Jungle-Session Cologne

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