Breakslinger schreibt:

„Das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende zu und so wie es aussieht wird es bis 2021 zumindest vorerst keine weiteren Gigs mehr geben. Genügend Zeit also, die wenigen Aufzeichnungen aus diesem Jahr Revue passieren zu lassen und in Ruhe sich anzuhören. Und auch anzuschauen — denn mit Boom Tschak #28 haben wir eine kleine Premiere — diese Ausgabe gibt es in Form von einem audiovisuellen Mix:

Der Mix wurde am 29.08.2020 im Kulturgraben Trier bei der „Backyard Sessions: tempo90“ aufgenommen. Es war mal was anderes, pandemiebedingt vor einem sitzenden Publikum aufzulegen, Spaß hat es trotzdem gemacht. Weil wir bei der Session keine Visuals hatten, habe ich nachträglich welche gestaltet, audioreaktiv gepatched und aufgenommen.“


01 Halogenix – Beyond The Bounds [Metalheadz]
02 Silence Groove – Whistler [Fokuz Recordings]
03 Blu Mar Ten – Last Life in the Universe (SpectraSoul Remix) [Blu Mar Ten Music]
04 Bungle – Forgiven [Scientific]
05 Levrige – The Legend [Hospital Records]
06 Bungle – Distance [31 Records]
07 Thing – Last Night [Dubthing Records]
08 Bop – Spiral [Med School]
/// SB81 – Blueprints (SB81’s Acid Mix) [Metalheadz]
09 Halogenix – Bitter [Critical Recordings]
10 Mutated Forms – Affectionate [Spearhead Records]
11 Oder – Mesmerize [Technique Recordings]
12 Mikal – Echoed [Warm Communications]
13 Abstract Elements x Electrosoul System – Delirium [Microfunk Music]
14 Bungle – Astral Travel [Soul:R]
15 Scenic & Advisory – Don’t Tell Me [Offworld Free]
16 SpectraSoul feat D Bridge – Glimpse (Ivy Lab Remix) [Shogun Audio]
17 Electrosoul System – Shadow (feat. Deeizm) [Med School]
18 Marcus Intalex – Steady [Soul:R]
19 Zed Bias – Pick Up the Pieces (Skeptical Remix) [Exit Records]
20 Need For Mirrors – Son Of Sorrow [V Recordings]
21 Calibre – The Sweet [Exit Records]
22 Satl & Harland – Alone [Soul Trader]
23 Lenzman – Masquerade (Die, Interface & Will Cartwright Remix) [Metalheadz]
24 HumaNature – Whisper [Fokuz Recordings]
25 Reso – Echo Loss [Hospital Records]
26 SpectraSoul – Beat Keeps [Ish Chat Music]
27 Dub Phizix and Skittles – I’m A Creator [Exit Records]
28 Breakslinger – Binary [Acid Elephant]
29 Data feat. K2 – Kyushojutsu [Cylon Recordings]
30 Nomine – Blind Man (Om Unit Remix) [Tempa]
31 Fre4knc – Tellurian [Samurai Music]
32 Klax – Wait for Me [Critical Music]
33 Digital, Mad Vibes & Audio Habitat – Rise [Function Records]
34 Loxy & Naibu – Hajime [Critical Recordings]
35 Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Fracture Remix) [Phantom Audio]

Der Mix auf Soundcloud
Der Mix auf Mixcloud

The missus and I would be at Sun & Bass now, which is a very special occasion for us every year. This mix captures the vibe, we´re missing so very much.

„If Corona hadn´t happened …“ is the most frequently heard sentence this summer. By and large this playlist was my first set to play in front of a live audience after the longest pause in over 20 years. It was an outdoor event with a festival feel, but everyone had to keep distancing and wasn´t allowed to dance. That´s what I mean by „Schroedinger´s Summer“. The strange way, that it seems to be there, but at the same time, it´s not.

The mix expresses all last months lightheartedness, the hopes and wishes, and also the sadness, tense anticipation and shattered dreams. It´s been a tough time for each and everyone. Music can be soothing and healing. I tried to create an emotional arc that can have this effect on you.

01 – L-Sides & Fats – Steppa Dub [V-Recordings]
02 – DRS & Dynamite MC – Playing in the Dark feat. (The Vanguard Project) [Hospital]
03 – Calibre – Pillow Dub (Signature)
04 – BCee – Back to the Streets feat. Philippa Hanna (Spearhead)
05 – Stickybuds – Lovin‘ Easy feat. BridgeHill & Sacha Vee (Westwood Recordings)
06 – 45 Roller – Rain
07 – KSR & Dogger – Sweet Jungle feat. Liam Bailey (Polarface)
08 – DRS & Dynamite MC – Do You Ever feat. etherwood (Hospital)
09 – Submorphics – The Prize / Golden Roots feat. TRAC (The North Quarter)
10 – The Mouse Outfit – Feeling High feat. IAMDDB & Kinkai (Lenzman Rmx) [TMO Records]
11 – Redeyes – Lust [The North Quarter]
12 – Dogger & Mindstate & Liam Bailey – Broken Home [1985 Music]
13 – Anile – Constant Reminder feat. DRS [Footnotes]
14 – Blocks & Escher – From the Ashes [Narratives Music]
15 – LSB & DRS – Could Be [Footnotes]
16 – Bungle – Slow Down [Soul in Motion]
17 – Fox feat. Tyler Daley – Here We Go Again [Senkasonic]
18 – Break & Kyo – The Edge of Time (Workforce Rmx) [Symmetry Recordings]
19 – Monrroe – As I Fall feat. Sydney [Shogun Audio]
20 – Visages – Memories [1985 Music]
21 – Spectrasoul – Glimpse feat. Dbridge (Ivy Lab Rmx) [Shogun Audio]
22 – Seba & Manos – Evergreen [Secret Operations]
23 – A Sides – Arctic feat. MC Fats [Sun & Bass Recordings]
24 – Total Science & War – Second Wave [Function Records]
25 – Klute – Feeding the 5000 [Commercial Suicide]
26 – Bungle – Moving Pages [Influence]
27 – Klute – Flesh Eaters [Commercial Suicide]
28 – Adred – Captivate feat. Robert Manos (Marcus Intalex Rmx) [Metalheadz]
29 – Seba & Paradox – Over Now [Seba & Paradox]

DJs: Myom, Breakslinger, Benedor & Semuta

Kulturgraben / Kulturverein villaWuller, Ausoniusstr., Trier

Sa. 29.08.2020 – Doors: 16:00h – 22:00h

Drum’n’Bass & JungleMyom feiert seinen Geburtstag mit Bass, Beats und hoffentlich einigem an Sonne. Diesmal kommt hauptsächlich Drum´n´Bass & Jungle der entspannteren Sorte auf die Plattenteller. Good vibes for tough times!

Die Veranstaltung findet in Kooperation mit Exhaus / Trier und Mergener Hof im Rahmen des Projekts KULTURGRABEN statt.

This is my second exploration into the 170 bpm fusion of drum´n´bass with dub techno, ambient and dub. It´s bass music primarily for listening and imaginary dancefloors. Since we currently have to make do with mind traveling, I thought I create a little helper. It surely takes you away someplace, if you give in to it, it´s quite cinematic.

The first one from 2017 proved to be a timeless mix for which I continue to receive favorable feedback. This one is even more laid back and further away from the mainstream idea of what Drum´n´Bass is supposed to be. I have written a few words accompanying the first mix, which are still valid for the sequel, so if you´re interested in the sound and the concept, check that out.

I´m very happy to have found a way to prominently include a track by Rhythm & Sound, who are obviously a great inspiration for this whole affair. The sound I´m searching for here is also a neighbor of tribal halftime dnb, which was actually hard to keep out of the selection, because it works well on a certain level, but at the same it is mostly very dark and also too upfront (I have actually compiled a second playlist as a sequel to my Tribalizm mix from 10 years ago, so that might come up next.) I also tried to steer away from Ambient dnb tracks that just arent Dub enough.

Volume 1 is here

01 DB1 – Ktz1
02 Overlook – Passages
03 Ghost Warrior – Videodrome
04 Nether – True Believer
05 Nether – Moon Dub
06 QNS – QNS#5
07 QNS – QNS#6
08 Rhythm & Sound w/ The Chosen Brothes – Mash Down Babylon
09 Loxy & Flatliners – Sci Fi Dub
10 Morphy – Tell No Tales
11 Dubmonger – Micro Crumble
12 DB1 – Zukr
13 Ruffhouse – Straight 9´s
14 Loxy & Resound – Civil War
15 DYL – Words
16 Overlook – Down the Rabbit Hole
17 Levl – Arcola#2
18 Felix K – Deconstructor
19 DB1 – Contorno
20 Parallel – The Small Things Matter (VIP Mix)
21 DB1 + DYL – Materia
22 Martsman – Krine

Der Mix auf Soundcloud
Der Mix auf Mixcloud

With this mix I return to my „Original Dubbah“-series of dubwise Drum´n´Bass sets. This selection is dedicated to tracks with thick dub atmospheres, vocal echoes, chord delays, washed out horns over heavy basslines and rolling breakbeats. I chose consistency over variety in my selection to capture a specific sound and let it flow for an hour.

The mixes of the „Original Dubbah“-series have been very popular a few years back. I got feedback from all over the world, quite a few bookings for that style, reuploads happened quite a few and someone even recreated the playlist on Youtube. This one was originally just a playlist I made for myself, but then it became something I wanted to share. And it must be mentioned that it includes a few classics by Marcus and Spirit, who were also true masters of this particular sound. Their music lives on.

01 Intro with Quotes on Dub by Dr. Das & Steve Barron
02 Bungle – Northern Dub [Spearhead]
03 Mist:i:cal – Mistical Dub [Soul:r]
04 Barrington Levy – Here I Come (Nu:Tone Rmx) [Hospital]
05 Brian Brainstorm – All about the Dayz [Serial Killaz]
06 Spirit – Think [Inneractive]
07 Calibre – City Life [Signature]
08 DRS ft Marcus Intalex – Emergency [Soul:r]
09 Brian Brainstorm – Brooklyn Dub [Liondub international]
10 Need for Mirrors – Vendor Dub [V Recordings]
11 DJ Patife & David WS – The Vibe is Coming feat. MC Fats [V Recordings]
12 Spy – Open Your Exes [Hospital]
13 Jubei & Tyrone – Avalon [Metalheadz]
14 Logistics – Rhythm Track [Hospital]
15 Digital & Spirit – Stolen Desire [Function]
16 Breakage – Tape Bubbler Spesh [Index]
17 Total Science, Digital & Spirit – Rumble [CIA vs Phantom Audio]
18 Jinx – High and Low (Aries Rmx) [Born On Road]
19 King Bracket & Mr Williamz – Rise Up (Falkwun Rmx) [Totally Dubwise Recordings]
20 Need for Mirrors – Slaves of Empire [V Recordings]
21 The Green Man (TGM), Navigator, DJ Freeze & Brian Brainstorm – Live The Life You Love & Love The Life You Live [Basswerk]

Der Mix auf Soundcloud
Der Mix auf Mixcloud

Der Mix auf Soundcloud
Der Mix auf Mixcloud

I started compiling possible playlists for the „Summertime Madness Open Air“ of our club villaWuller, but as I will go for a different vibe for that gig, I spontaneously recorded the mix, because it seemed to be worth it.

It starts around 160 bpm and speeds up in the second half up to 174 bpm for the last tracks, so it´s footwork, jungle & classic dnb. My starting point were actually the last two tracks and Rashad´s, because they sample „Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang. So from then on, my selection was geared towards a laid back vibe, kinda classic 90s, many 70s funk & soul samples, lush epianos and synths, many hip hop-influences.

It spans from the mid-90s until today and contains a lot of personal favorites that I have a special connection with. So there are a few tracks that I already used in a previous mix, which is something I strictly avoided until now. But as this mix wasn´t planned for recording, there they were, right in the middle of the playlist and I thought, what the heck, noone cares but me.

Usually I dont publish very spontaneous mixes like this, but I will probably change my general attitude towards putting out more, but less „perfect“ mixes. I have so many playlists that I never recorded, because I always thought I want to work on them some more, but never did. I think I should change to a more frequent rate and as this mix shows, I sure can without sacrificing quality.

One more thing: The intro was made from an interview with Congo Natty some time back. I´ve used it live a few times and I needed something to make the start of the mix a bit more interesting, so I just used it for that.

01 Selfmade Intro from Congo Natty Interview
02 Hidden Agenda – On The Roof (2015 Remaster) [Metalheadz]
03 BSN Posse – No Matter How Far [Astrophonica]
04 DJ Rashad, Machinedrum & Nick Hook – Understand [Machinedrum]
05 Stray – Prof. Popper [Exit]
06 Tom & Jerry – Maximum Booty Style (Ticklish Reboot) [White]
07 DJ Rashad – Pass that Shit [Hyperdub]
08 Coco Bryce – One Time Road [Fresh 86]
09 Tehbis & Touchy Subject – 1988 [Astrophonica]
10 Philip D Kick – Vibe Off (Feat. DJ Spinn) [Astrophonica]
11 Boards of Canada – Nothing Is Real (Ticklish Edit) [White]
12 Doppelgänger – Days Gone [Groove Attack]
13 R.hanna – Work (Kabuki’s Footwork Jungle Re-fix) [White]
14 W. H. – It’s Not Right (Chimpo Relick) [White]
15 J. J. – Got Til It’s Gone (Chimpo Relick) [White]
16 Dope Skillz – 6 Million Ways To Die (Original Mix) [Frontline]
17 Chimpo – 1996 [Box & Lock]
18 Seba & Lo Tek – So Long [Looking Good]
19 Stray – Blink [Astrophonica]
20 dBridge & Kabuki & Sarah Farina – Who Da Coldest [New Forms]
21 Tomahawk – Until Dawn [Hospital]
22 Utah Jazz – Quincy [White]
23 Allied Forces – Summer Madness [Just Noyze]
24 DJ Cam – Summer Madness [Inflamable Records]

🌟 DJ Lee (Metalheadz, 31 Recordings – London)
🎧 Resident DJs: Myom, Breakslinger, Semuta, Benedor
🔊 The Finest in Drum´n´Bass & Jungle
📽 Live Visuals & VJing
🏡 Kulturverein villaWuller, Ausoniusstr., Trier
🕔 Doors: 23h55-5h00 – Party Open End!

Pionier, Schlüsselfigur, Wegbereiter: DJ Lee hat als Resident legendärer Clubnächte in London Drum´n´Bass-Geschichte geschrieben. Lees Sets haben einen exzellenten Ruf, sind immer innovativ, cutting edge und mit exklusiven Dubplates gespickt. Selten erlebt man, wie ein DJ so gekonnt seine Soundästhetik verfolgt und die Crowd über mehrere Stunden mitnimmt.

Intime Club-Settings, wie in der Villa, liegen ihm sehr und er hat richtig Bock, für euch zu spielen. Kommt also früh genug, damit ihr nicht vor der Tür warten müsst.

— mehr Infos:

Etwas Generelles zu unseren DJ-Gästen: Wer als Produzent gute Tracks raushaut, bringt´s nicht automatisch auch als DJ im Club. DJing ist eine eigene Kunstform, besonders als Live-Performance. Wir suchen exzellente DJs für unser Events und picken die Diamanten aus dem Kiesbett.

Unser Publikum besteht sowohl aus Drum´n´Bass-Kennern und auch Gelegenheitsravern. Alle sollen bei uns erleben, was richtig gute DJ-Sets mit dir anstellen können. Darum geht es bei tempo90 und der villa: Music without the bullshit. Eine Haltung, die auch Lee absolut verkörpert:

Lee ist einer der wenigen, die es vermocht haben, sich vor allem mit ihren DJ-Skills unter den „großen Namen“ der Drum&Bass Szene in England und weltweit zu behaupten. Er ist eine der Schlüsselfiguren der ersten Stunde: Zu Anfang spielte er in den Brunel Rooms in Swindon mit DJs, wie Doc Scott, Fabio, Grooverider und LTJ Bukem. Schnell wurde er in Clubs im ganzen Land gebucht.

Er wurde Resident zweier legendärer Clubnächte Londons, die für die Drum´n´Bass-Geschichte von zentraler Bedeutung sind: LTJ Bukem und Fabio holten ihn nach Soho in den Mars Club zu Speed. Diese Clubnacht wurde schnell zum Mekka für Fans dieser damals neuen und aufregenden Undergroundmusik und verhalf ihr überhaupt zum Durchbruch.

Die nächste Etappe für Lee waren die von Goldie geleiteten Metalheadz Sessions im Blue Note Club. Diese wurden zur geistigen Heimat des Drum´n Bass, wo jede Woche bahnbrechende Musik gespielt wurde und underground-affine Mega-Stars, wie David Bowie und Björk, zu den Stammgästen zählten. Dass Lee auch dort als Resident DJ den Sound der Zeit prägte, zementierte seinen Ruf weiter und er konnte rund um die Welt touren. In London legt er heute regelmäßig bei den von Bailey geleiteten Soul in Motion Nights auf.

Als Wegbereiter des Drum´n Bass gilt er auch aufgrund seiner wichtigen Rolle bei Timeless Recordings und eigener Labelprojekte (Atlas Recordings). Als Producer hat er sich insbesondere in Zusammenarbeit mit D.Kay einen respektablen Namen gemacht. Die beiden sind für einige Klassiker (z. B. ‚Wax’d‘, ‚Tuning‘, ‚Desire‘ ) auf Labels wie Hospital, Metalheadz, 31, C.I.A. u.a. verantwortlich. Mit Marcus Intalex (R.I.P.) zusammen veröffentlichte er als „Sideways“ Techno bei Watergate Recordings. Die beiden pfleg(t)en eine enge Verbundenheit zur Berliner Technoszene.