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Der Mix auf Soundcloud
Der Mix auf Mixcloud

The missus and I would be at Sun & Bass now, which is a very special occasion for us every year. This mix captures the vibe, we´re missing so very much.

„If Corona hadn´t happened …“ is the most frequently heard sentence this summer. By and large this playlist was my first set to play in front of a live audience after the longest pause in over 20 years. It was an outdoor event with a festival feel, but everyone had to keep distancing and wasn´t allowed to dance. That´s what I mean by „Schroedinger´s Summer“. The strange way, that it seems to be there, but at the same time, it´s not.

The mix expresses all last months lightheartedness, the hopes and wishes, and also the sadness, tense anticipation and shattered dreams. It´s been a tough time for each and everyone. Music can be soothing and healing. I tried to create an emotional arc that can have this effect on you.

01 – L-Sides & Fats – Steppa Dub [V-Recordings]
02 – DRS & Dynamite MC – Playing in the Dark feat. (The Vanguard Project) [Hospital]
03 – Calibre – Pillow Dub (Signature)
04 – BCee – Back to the Streets feat. Philippa Hanna (Spearhead)
05 – Stickybuds – Lovin‘ Easy feat. BridgeHill & Sacha Vee (Westwood Recordings)
06 – 45 Roller – Rain
07 – KSR & Dogger – Sweet Jungle feat. Liam Bailey (Polarface)
08 – DRS & Dynamite MC – Do You Ever feat. etherwood (Hospital)
09 – Submorphics – The Prize / Golden Roots feat. TRAC (The North Quarter)
10 – The Mouse Outfit – Feeling High feat. IAMDDB & Kinkai (Lenzman Rmx) [TMO Records]
11 – Redeyes – Lust [The North Quarter]
12 – Dogger & Mindstate & Liam Bailey – Broken Home [1985 Music]
13 – Anile – Constant Reminder feat. DRS [Footnotes]
14 – Blocks & Escher – From the Ashes [Narratives Music]
15 – LSB & DRS – Could Be [Footnotes]
16 – Bungle – Slow Down [Soul in Motion]
17 – Fox feat. Tyler Daley – Here We Go Again [Senkasonic]
18 – Break & Kyo – The Edge of Time (Workforce Rmx) [Symmetry Recordings]
19 – Monrroe – As I Fall feat. Sydney [Shogun Audio]
20 – Visages – Memories [1985 Music]
21 – Spectrasoul – Glimpse feat. Dbridge (Ivy Lab Rmx) [Shogun Audio]
22 – Seba & Manos – Evergreen [Secret Operations]
23 – A Sides – Arctic feat. MC Fats [Sun & Bass Recordings]
24 – Total Science & War – Second Wave [Function Records]
25 – Klute – Feeding the 5000 [Commercial Suicide]
26 – Bungle – Moving Pages [Influence]
27 – Klute – Flesh Eaters [Commercial Suicide]
28 – Adred – Captivate feat. Robert Manos (Marcus Intalex Rmx) [Metalheadz]
29 – Seba & Paradox – Over Now [Seba & Paradox]

Out of the Dark is my drum´n´bass-mix for all the survivors out there. Vibes, atmosphere, flow and sonic storytelling that can lift you up, recharge you and give you a positive outlook.  At least that´s what it does for me.

The MP3 download
The mix at Soundcloud
The mix at Mixcloud

2018 was another tough year for me and I didn´t manage to release even one mix. I had started compiling tracklists for four very different concepts though. The first I chose to record now is this atmospheric and emotional selection of tracks that I played out, (re-) listened or danced to in 2018. A bit like a diary because almost every track triggers a specific memory.

My mission: Leave hard, cold, dark and even dubby stuff out. Capture that classic futuristic soul and melancholy vibe that drum´n´bass always championed. Also: Spread positive vibes overall while avoiding cheesiness.

I always try to achieve what I think „the art of the mix“ demands and I´m quite satisfied with the result. Carefully crafted mixes are getting harder to come by – this is one. Mixed live on Serato control vinyls and an Ecler HAK320.


01 L-Side – The Gentleman (4Marcus) [unreleased]
02 Spirit – Interval [Dispatch]
03 Marcus Intalex – Step Forward [Soul:R]
04 Seba – Time Will Tell [Spearhead Records]
05 LSB & DRS – New Day [Footnotes]
06 LSB – Missing You (feat. Tyler Daley & DRS) [Soul:R]
07 Adam F – Circles (dRamatic & dbAudio Unofficial Remix) [unofficial]
08 Jonny L – In A Jungle (BCee Rmx) [Future Retro]
09 Chimpo, DRS, Slay, Ragoloco – No Trust [Box N Lock]
10 Calibre – Makes me [Signature]
11 T.R.A.C. – Step Tune (feat. Random Movement & Adrienne Richards)  [V-Recordings]
12 Phaction – Should Have Known [C.I.A.]
13 Blu Mar Ten – Keep It Together (feat. Robert Manos – Calibre Rmx) [BMT]
> tease: DBridge – True Romance [Metalheadz]
15 BCee – More Than Words (feat. Charlotte Haining – Seba Rmx)  [Spearhead Records]
16 Rockwell – User [Shogun Audio]
17 Seba – Why Can’t This End [Spearhead Records]
18 Synkro – Summer Blues [Blackout Music]
19 Seba & Robert Manos – Maschine [Metalheadz]
20 Jubei & Marcus Intalex – Fanny´s Ya Aunt [Metalheadz]
21 Ivy Lab – Twenty Questions [Critical]
22 Stray – Queen [Exit]
23 Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn [Looking Good Records]
24 Source Direct – Secret Liaisons [Good Looking Records]
25 Tim Reaper & Drumlinezz – Deep Into Space & Back [Western Lore]


This is my goodbye mix to the summer of 2016 and inspired by the amazing time we had at Sun & Bass. It´s Drum and Bass with one foot in the Jungle and atmospheric, positive vibes. A flow of history-ladden sounds, samples and breaks in their updated 2016-version. I compiled it quite spontaneously and I´m still amazed, how it all just fell into place.

From 160 bpm it steadily builds up to 170 bpm and back again. It all starts in a deep dubby cave, where Crypticz & Itoa let their synths bubble from the ceiling. Then Dead Man´s Chest´s washed-out retro sounds flush you out into the open jungle, where Chimpo & Ticklish throw in some Funk & Hip-Hop samples for a good party vibe, before things steadily build up for an epic and heavy climax with Intalex´ Jupiter. Soulful sounds by Total Science and Djrum calm it all down again and the tempo slows back down back to where it all began and everything ends with reminiscences of the 90s.

Der Mix auf Mixcloud

Der Mix auf Soundcloud

01 Crypticz & Itoa – MTD [31 Recordings] 2016
02 Dead Man´s Chest – All About U [Ingredients] 2014
03 Sully – Flock [Astrophonica] 2015
04 Tehbis & Touchy Subject – 1988 [Astrophonica] 2016
05 Chimpo – Stanna Stairlift [Exit] 2016
06 Red Light – Coca Cola (Ticklish Reboot) [*] 2016
07 Nu Tone – Change [Hospital] 2015
08 Break – Late Exclusive [Symmetry Recordings] 2015
09 Fracture & Deft – I Just [Exit] 2016
10 Richie Brains – Voyage [Exit] 2016
11 Moresounds РBraaka Ț̦l̦ [Lightless] 2016
12 Om Unit – Parallel [Metalheadz] 2014
13 Marcus Intalex – Jupiter [Soul:r] 2016
14 Total Science – Respect Due [CIA] 2016
15 Total Science – Soul For Sale [Metalheadz] 2016
16 Fracture – Black Pearl [Exit] 2016
17 Djrum – Sometimes I Share (Space Race, Pt. 3) [2nd Drop] 2016
18 DRS – The View ft. LSB & Tyler Daley [Soul:r] 2015
19 Sully – Crystal Cuts [Astrophonica] 2015
20 Dead Man´s Chest – Farseer [Ingredients] 2016
21 Dead Man´s Chest – Liquid 94 [Ingredients] 2015

Hier ist dann mal Futter für den neuen Podcast. Neu ist auch der schnieke Player am Fuß dieses Posts. Damit kann man die Musi einfach streamen oder runterziehen.
Nach gut einem Jahr endlich wieder ein „offizieller“ D&B-Mix von mir. Der Themenbezug der Parties eignet sich auch ganz gut als konzeptioneller Rahmen für DJ-Sets. Aufgabe: Genreüberblick auch für Einsteiger liefern, auch 2-3 „neue Klassiker“ abdecken (das sind so die DnB-Paradoxien) und irgendwie diesen genialen Sorriso de Floor-VIP-Mix von DJ Roots verbraten, den es auf seiner myspace-Seite für lau gibt, aber leider nicht auf Vinyl. Gar nicht so easy ohne DJ-CD-Spieler, deshalb auch etwas vermurkst. Aber das Stück ist sooo SOMMER, das musste einfach rein!

Trotz Subgenrefixierung hat sich so viel gutes Zeug angesammelt, was ich unbedingt verbraten wollte, weshalb´s 22 Tracks in 65 Minuten geworden sind. Dementsprechend wird meist fix gemixt, was dem Flow aber glaube ich keinen Abbruch tut.

Sorry, keene Tracklist mehr hier. check id3-tag.

Hab ich´s endlich geschafft, mal einen neuen D&B-Mix aufzunehmen!Wie der Name schon sagt, komme ich von den Reggae/Dub-beeinflussten Tracks nicht los 🙂
Da diese Spielart auch „dubwise“ genannt wird und im Mix nach knapp der Hälfte ein paar soul-funkige Tunes (genannt „liquid“ = flüssig) kommen, ist Dubwiser als „flüssiger Jungle“ein nettes Wortpielchen. Ich nehme an dass die ähnlich lautende Biersorte bekannt ist.
Schöner Spannungsaufbau und originelle Track-Kombinationen dürfen erwartet werden. Zum Schluss wird dann gediegen rausgechillt

Insgesamt ist´s auch recht melodiös geworden, da nistet sich eine ganze Ohrwurm-Familie in euren Köpfen fest.