Myom – live @ basswuller (Boom Tschak #24)

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The crowd went nuts at the party, so I decided to release this recording. What I love about our event series BassWuller is that it´s quite open for bascially any bass heavy music which is not 4/4

I played an eclectic set of breaks, some uk garage, a little dubstep, ragga, halftime drum´n´bass and what not. And since Keith´s passing, I always incorporate some Prodigy into my breaks sets

The bad: Needle fluff fucked up my Serato at minute 46, sorry for that strange sound. What´s really quite hard is to free yourself from tempo restrictions. Going from the 120s to 140 to 95 and 170 and back and forth is manageable, if you connect the tracks through other aspects than tempo.

In the age of auto-sync people seem even more stuck to a specific bpm for their a set, let alone the whole night, while the actual music is much more varied. Even if you stick to the genre(s) drum´n´bass and jungle, you can select tracks from 160 bpm to 180 bpm. But rarely djs do

Another learning: Everyone can play this year´s top 100. Being able to select from 20 years of colllecting music and to bring together music from three decades is an asset.

Der Mix auf Soundcloud
Der Mix auf Mixcloud

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